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One of my proudest moments as an undergraduate was being elected to be editor-in-chief of my university’s student newspaper. I ran because I believed I had what it took to lead the organization into the future, and the election showed that a majority of my co-workers agreed, too. I was elated. But during the planning process for the semester, a co-worker (without thinking, I assume/hope) took me down a peg. He told me that my theme song should be the Kelis song, ‘Bossy,’ because I was bossy. Knowing him, it was meant as a compliment. But it didn’t feel that way, because that word made me shudder.

I remember the shame I felt. I wasn’t a leader. I was just being bossy. I remember making an effort to shrug it off and carry on because I had a job to do. I filed it away as a critique and strived to be a good leader, not a ‘bossy’ one.

But years later, I think about that moment and about all of the moments before and after that when I would second-guess myself. It was hardly the first time I was called ‘bossy’ or ‘boss.’ The question plagued me constantly. Was I leading or was I being bossy?

That moment and those before and after it are why I am thrilled that #BanBossy is working to change the conversation. I am ashamed of being ashamed. I am a woman who strives to serve as the best leader I can be, who takes critiques in stride so I can always improve. If that makes me bossy, so be it. I know that it also puts me among the growing number of people who want to take back the word, who want to #BanBossy. Let’s eliminate this word’s negative connotations for women and encourage leadership.

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For the Love of Trains

Buck Guthrie never lost his boyhood love of toy trains.  In fact, Buck’s love grew until his hobby could only be housed in a barn.  His wife Jan will tell you that he often spirits off household appliances to strip down for parts to creatively furnish and power his train landscape.

Produced by Zac Schultz, narrated by Joe Astrouski

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