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Final Words From Raul Ramirez: ‘Journalism Has Always Been About the Power of Voices’

"But as the years passed and my journalistic experience grew, I gradually realized that the power of words was not something that I, the journalist, bestowed on the people and communities I covered.

The power, I came to understand, was in the stories that people chose to share. I was merely a conduit for the dissemination of those stories. I began to see how journalists could frame the story, to give it context and depth, but that we could not own the story. I came to see that I did not give voice to others, but that my role was to amplify authoritative voices that lacked only access to the means to spread their messages.” - Raul Ramirez

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Remembering Helen Thomas

After the Ann Devroy Memorial Forum in 2010, I waited in line for the featured speaker Helen Thomas to sign a copy of her book for me and to say goodbye. We had met earlier at the event’s reception.

When she recognized me, she took my hand and pulled me to lean across the table. As she squeezed my hand, she told me that she thought I would be great. 

Thank you, Helen. That moment meant more than I can say.

Here’s NPR’s obituary for Thomas

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